We are looking for talents


Shape the future of personalized holistic health-tech

Are you going to be a potential match? 

  • Have deep understanding in healthcare sales or product and want to see and shape a baby company's growth? 
  • Have UI/UX or product design experience to apply to make an impact on people's health and wellness? 
  • Do not have the exact skills stated above but are proven fast learner who are so passionate about holistic health or Chinese medicine that you can't wait to make it more accessible to more people you care about? 

If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions above, welcome to talk to us! We are currently looking for talented people to join our team, with the opportunity to become co-founders and/or CTO, CEO, CMO, etc. and make an influence. Please email us with your motivation, knowledge/experience/skills, and what you are looking for. We will start the conversation from there! 

Why join an early-stage startup like us when you are already in and being constantly presented with lucrative corporate opportunities already?

  • Learning and Building Real Experience - You learn a lot and learn faster when you are given complete decision making responsibility. 
  • Career Progression - You can have accelerated career growth by meritocracy and achieve more at a relatively younger age, because you joined us when it is really early, and you will grow along with it. The earlier you join, the higher the rewards when it grows up.  
  • Unique Opportunity & Timing - There's always going to be a basket of big, safe tech companies to go work at, and the experience of working at one is largely fungible. Whereas, the experience of working at a startup varies wildly. Moreover, knowledge on optimal health while working at a holistic healthcare platform is power. Our company at this early stage would be a uniquely good fit for candidates who share similar vision that they won't get again. 
  • Mission-Driven & Long-Term Impact - We believe the personalized holistic healthcare was, is, and will remain beneficial at both individual level, and for the world at large. Healthcare in the US is problematic, we are getting close to spending 20% of our GDP on healthcare; this is unsustainable. We are genuinely making healthcare better for less cost and more long-term benefits, NOT exploit the system by overcharging or near-sighted health solutions.