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Herbal-Pal: Personalized Traditional Herbal Medicine

TRULY PERSONALIZED: Professional Consult & Differential Diagnosis


Get to know about you AND your major concern with a TCM physician, a lot more than conventional Western Medicine clinical visits at much lower cost, through your choice of video call (preferred for inspection step), text with photos, or detailed questionnaire.

Let Us Do the Rest of the Work


Yes, provide your preferences and mailing address, so that we adjust the package in the way that you are able to "stay on the wagon". 

Personalized Package Deliver to Your Door, Feel the Changes!


We deliver to your door, you provide feedback on how your body feel so that we adjust what's best for you next period (week) if and only if you still need Herbal-Pal.


Herbal-Pal Earlyvangelist Reservation

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Collective Diagnosis and Personal Training in Holistic Medicine, All Attention and Care Just for You. Price vary based on complexity of health issues as well as personalized attention needed. Booking fee paid here will be refunded as part of the subscription.  

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