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Book of Changes

Book of Changes” helps you have easier access to personalized holistic healthcare by: 

  • Easier booking with curated providers, especially those who don’t need advertising on Yelp or ZocDoc and on the contrary have to filter out patients who want to see them;
  • Providing self-care materials (e.g., medical self-help, home massage, home remedies , easy therapeutic exercise). We are currently working on the contents, including easy-to-implement graphical text and videos;
  • Earn rewards from providing private feedback to your provider, referrals, and more!
  • Future Product Landing Page (actual site under development in private mode):

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Background of "Book of Changes"

Story about the Product Name


The product name, “Book of Changes”, intends to use the pun for the classics I-Ching, medical booking, and imply records of positive health changes for our users. Although a startup has limitations, if feasible, we also wish it could bring more positive changes in the healthcare system.

The Book of Changes, also known as I-Ching or Yi-Jing, is the earliest classic in China. It simply explained the formation of the universe and the relationship of man to the universe.


The essence of I-Ching is the expression and function of Yang symbolized as "--" (from <---->) and Yin symbolized "- -" (from --><--), and Yin and Yang as interaction and circulation of Yang and Yin. Both Yin and Yang were derived from the same origin, Tai-Chi. 

Yin and Yang were the two opposite background force and energy that make the universe as what it is,  similar to the binary 0 and 1 in the computer world. Yang and Yin manifest in great variety of phenomena such as mind and body, masculine and feminine, sun and moon, hot and cold, heaven and earth, positive and negative electricity, etc. 

The entire theory of Chinese medicine is based on the theories of Yin and Yang as well as that of 5 Phases (more commonly translated as "5 Elements", which is an incorrect translation judging by meaning) which are also related to the orderly arrangement of 8 trigrams. The 5-Phase Theory explains the "check and balance" mechanism created by the background force of Yin and Yang Qi and illustrated the relationships that are either strengthened or weakened by "acting and controlling" among the 5 phases. I-Ching has exerted profound influences on some well-known European philosophers and scientists, notably Leibnitz and Hegel. Between I-Ching and modern cosmology and the physics of sub-atomic particles, there are some basic theories in common.