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People lack understanding and easy access to personalized healthcare.

  • Our research shows that neither medical online appointment booking of highly curated doctors nor online self-help (e.g., basic assessment, self-care methods, home remedies) are easily available;
  • Many people do not know that holistic approaches can work better with lower risk. Even existing users have difficulty in selecting providers or self-care approaches most suitable for them. 


Conventional western medicine focuses on symptoms in a one-size fits all approach.

  • Most prescription medicines are standardized for everyone; the same dosage is prescribed regardless of size, age and the overall health of the person;
  • Side effects from many of these treatments can end up being more damaging than the actual condition; 
  • Unlike conventional Western Medicine, Holistic Medicine including self-help heals the whole person, not just the symptoms.


Patients lack easy booking, lower-cost self-care, and understanding what's needed.

Without the right tool, it's tempting to either 

  • Pay for an expensive doctor's visit when it's not necessary (e.g., issues that can be healed by simple home remedies); 


  • Wait until it's too late (e.g., not knowing a minor neck and back pain can accumulate to the point when surgery is unavoidable, or a cough could become lung cancer).

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